The flag of the games. Created by GiratinaGod.

For 2010 Pokemon Black Pokewaelthapic Games go here.

The Pokewaelthapic Games is an annual Pokemon event that once a year. The games started on the 24th of October 2010. This event is for RPF/RPG that wants to participate.


After the release of TPSRPF, GiratinaGod had an idea which was the Pokewaelthapic Games. A week later, Pokemon Black was chosen to host the very first Pokewaelthapic Games. This was to be assign by king_leo and helloall, the owners of the RPF.


Pokewaelthapic GamesEdit

The Pokewaelthapic Games is the first and current edition of the Pokewaelthapic Games. The games are held annually and last for 12 days. The Edition started in 2010 and is predicted to be ended in 2013.

Games Year Host Dates Games RPF/RPG
I 2010 Pokemon Black RPF 24th Oct - 5th Nov 10 4
II 2011 The Pokemon RPF 5th - 17th Jun 10



10 Games has been approved by the Pokewaelthapic Games President. Optional Games are to be decided by the host RPF/RPG if the game are to be in or not. Main Sport may not be chosen by the host RPF/RPG but may be only choose by the Pokewaelthapic Games President.

Games Types Years
Hurdle Dash Main 2010
Ring Drop Main 2010
Snow Throw Main 2010
Lamp Jump Main 2010
Relay Run Main 2010
Block Smash Main 2010
Circle Push Main 2010
Disc Catch Main 2010
Pennant Capture Main 2010
Goal Roll Main 2010


RPF and Groups that have competedEdit

There are currently 5 RPF that have participated in the games.

  • Pokemon Black RPF - 2010
  • TPSRPF - 2010
  • Pokemon Gods RPG - 2010
  • The Pokemon RPF - 2010
  • Pokemon Opal - 2010

Famous CompetitorsEdit

There are currently no famous competitors

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